Over the past month I have been on a mission to visit agents, to understand how our agency partners work and to find out if there is anything that Gibson Hall as a venue could be doing differently. I would like to share with you what I have learnt along the way. Communication is key: […]

What is the right attire to wear to a wedding as a wedding guest? Lately I have noticed a trend on wedding invites to describe wedding attire in the wedding couples own words such as “dapper suits and dazzling dresses” however there is still much confusion as to what different wedding attire means. I want […]

Spring is in full swing and I’m here writing about how most key dates for a Christmas party are almost all booked!!! Believe it or not, I’ve had clients calling and booking their Christmas parties as early as January so it’s clear that it’s never too early to book your Christmas party. If you’ve been […]

Life is a celebration that we should be thankful for everyday however different events and milestones call for all manner of different celebrations. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, retirement or any other joyous occasion, Gibson Hall, London’s greatest party venue, can offer you exactly what you need to make your event perfect for you. […]

I have recently joined Gibson Hall as part of the events and sales team and although I have been in the events industry since 2010, I started out photographing all sorts of functions including weddings, birthdays, conferences, drinks receptions, launch parties, fashion shows, pool parties and night clubs. Therefore I understand how important it is […]

I was recently at my head office in Grays and I saw an inspirational slogan written on the wall of our meeting room saying “Time is precious, waste it wisely” which got me thinking about our clients and their conferences. Should a conference consist of less talking and more doing? I believe that a conference […]

I’ve been working at Gibson Hall for nearly two years now and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a range of fantastic clients helping them book their event whether it’s a corporate meeting, awards dinner, BBQ, Christmas party or fashion show. Over the past three months though I’ve found myself really having fun helping […]

Once the question has been popped and the ring placed on her finger, it’s time for the planning to commence. Plan the timeline The first big decision you make will be the time of year you wish to get married and then of course, the venue. Get this part right and the foundations will be […]

I am so excited because my friend Sacha is getting married on 14th May and I feel as though I have been with her every step of the way throughout her dating life. Sacha met Richard on a dating app after 15 years in the dating game and to say that she put her heart […]

Every single year it happens! Summer approaches and I hear Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff’s famous tune from 1991 in my head. I’m showing my age now! Summer in the world of events is for me the most exciting season. It’s the time of year that we get to be playful, happy and creative […]

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